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Integrating facial video generation

Meet Our Team


At VerbaLIA, our dynamic team innovates solutions with a perfect blend of entrepreneurship, research, and engineering expertise.

We push boundaries and collaborate seamlessly to shape the future of our technology.

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CEO & Co-Founder

Meet Tashvik Dhamija, the driving force behind Verbalia as its CEO. With a Bachelor's in Electronics and Communications and a penchant for AI and Computer Vision, Tashvik brings a wealth of expertise garnered from his tenure in Computer Vision startups and research contributions to esteemed conferences and journals. His vision for Verbalia is to seamlessly integrate facial video generation and editing into existing corporate workflows, envisioning a future where genAI-powered tools empower teams across departments. Tashvik's leadership style is marked by innovation, collaboration, and ambition, grounded in a commitment to ethical AI usage. Join Tashvik and the Verbalia team in shaping the future of corporate workflows—contact us today and let's work together to transform your business.

As the Chief Technology Officer at Verbalia, Pranav Balaji brings an infectious enthusiasm for innovation and a profound expertise in Artificial Intelligence, including specialized areas like Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. Pranav's academic credentials are complemented by prestigious publications at top conferences such as ICCV and WACV, and notable victories in nationwide AI challenges conducted by Amazon.

At the heart of Pranav’s professional ethos is a deep-seated passion for building groundbreaking technologies and getting them into the hands of people. His vision for Verbalia is to create an extremely versatile AI facial video generation platform that sets new benchmarks for technological excellence. Under his leadership, Verbalia is poised to transform industry paradigms through innovation, agility, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


CTO & Co-Founder

Scientific Advisors

Antitza Dantcheva, PhD.

Business Advisors

Andreas Granig

Tech Fests


Across our journey, we have met you at various technology festivals and events to showcase our capabilities. Thanks to your appreciation, these events have been such a delight! 


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