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Your go-to platform for all things video generation


Select your setting and content in any modality, and get instant results in one click

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Limitless Languages

Create the same video in any language

Limitless Settings

Control the identity, voice and background

Help us shape our future.

We're in the development phase, and we're looking for your feedback to help us create the best video generation platform possible.

If you're an early adopter, a potential collaborator or are simply fascinated by the technology, please reach out to us! Your input is essential in guiding us to create a product that truly resonates with people.

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Laptop and Coffee

Our Vision.

VerbaLIA is your go-to platform for all things video generation.


Our cutting-edge technology is the perfect solution for anyone looking to create high-quality and versatile videos with ease.

We bring the power to create professional videos into the hands of every single person.

Our Team.

At VerbaLIA, our dynamic team innovates solutions with a perfect blend of entrepreneurship, research, and engineering expertise.

We push boundaries and collaborate seamlessly to shape the future of our technology.

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CEO & Co-Founder

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CTO & Co-Founder

Scientific Advisors

Antitza Dantcheva, PhD.

Business Advisors

Andreas Granig

Working With the Best Reputed Partners

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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